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Recently, Shafagh manufacturing factory, in addition to manufacturing Plastic and Rubber high pressure hoses ,provides to develop its cooperation with other national industries. Therefore , participates in several different projects with Pishrovan Sanat Khavar Company.


Some of the latest activities are :

_ Rubber lining of the vessels, pipes, joints and pumps ( in order to protect from chemical and biological corrosion and friction).

_ Design and manufacturing of various marine rubber fenders for jetties and adrift.

_ Lining of different kinds of rollers with a variety of rubbers and PU.

_ Manufacturing of special rubber parts, rubber-metal, plastic and PU.

_ Providing ,repairing, maintenance and manufacturing of conveyor belts and all related accessories ( especially HDPE rollers).

_ Manufacturing different kinds of metal structures and metal rollers.

_ Manufacturing different kinds of high pressure hoses.

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