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About Us


Shafagh manufacturing factory, the first Plastic and Rubber high pressure hose manufacturer in Iran, is established in 1988 in Zahedan _ Iran and provides the improvement of hose manufacturing system.

Shafagh land is about 8000 Squared Meters and includes the official building, manufacturing environment, and laboratory and storage location. More than 96 employees are working in two shifts and the average manufacturing capacity is about 1200 Ton for hoses and 1200 Ton for other accessories each year.

Shafagh manufacturing factory, is known as one of the best manufacturers with more than 18 years of existence and has the products manufactured correspond to national standards and attempts to increase the quality of its products similar to international standards to compete with other manufacturers all over the world.

Shafagh manufacturing factory managers has visited different factories in Germany Austria, Etc., to renew their experiences and improve the plastic and rubber high pressure hoses manufacturing system. All is done to reach to the mission.

Shafagh human resource are all employed from the native technicians and expert engineers and there are some training courses for them to increase the knowledge and improve the skills through the technology developments.

For being updated and improve the manufacturing, Shafagh factory has participated in all national and international exhibitions in Iran since 1988 , such as Agricultural and petrochemical productions and was awarded a lot as the first manufacturer of plastic and rubber high pressure hoses in Iran.

According to the difference between Shafagh Company and other manufacturers in quality of hoses, prices and services before and after sales, Shafagh manufacturing factory has innovated some special occasions for customers in its sales system .such as pricing based on amounts, special discounts of wholesalers and representation discounts.

In addition to Shafagh vast market share, besides increasing its representations all over Iran, Shafagh is to export its products to other countries to compete with international manufacturers.

Depend on different ordered cases , Shafagh hoses which are all made of the best raw materials , have Resistibility in front of sun light , erosion , moisture , acids , UV , compressed air, oily environments , chemical and petroleum materials .

Shafagh hoses are usually used in compressed air, warm and cold pressured water, chemical materials, fire stations and other various cases.

The most popular Shafagh customers are automobile manufactures, machinery factories, ports, industrial factories, refineries, petrochemicals, paper manufactures, roller and pump manufactures, wholesales and all retail sales